Before I dive into the topic at hand, I would like to check in on my progress thus far in my “30-Day Slimdown.” If you read the last blog post,you may recall that this plan is a simple one featuring moderate exercise, clean eating (about 80% of the time, to be honest), and some helpful supplements from Modere’s Slimdown Collection. I shed over 6 lbs. in a week! I made sure to balance my occasional splurge with 1) clean eating the rest of the day, and 2) Carb Blocker supplement when eating a higher carb meal. In addition, I made an extra effort to get to bed at a reasonable time and to get up at roughly the same time each day. My favorite part is that I didn’t feel deprived or restricted… just selective. I will definitely check in again in another week!

Getting fit and eating better has only increased my desire to look a little nicer every time I leave the house. Perhaps that is a bit backward—after all… aren’t we supposed to love ourselves just the way we are? Nevertheless, I will admit that when I feel better, I am more interested in spending time on my appearance. Remember, please, that I am a work in progress. One thing I have learned to do is play up my best features while downplaying the features that I’m less than loving. For example, my eyes are a very violet-blue most of the time… and the color really pops if I use certain shadow colors on my eyes. And, I usually like my hair because it styles pretty well and holds whatever shape I give it (curl or flat iron) with a little product. On its own, it has a gentle wave. Not too shabby! And, I play with the color of my hair regularly with a line of safe, long lasting colors supplied by my hair wizard, Lindsay.

Occasionally, though, my hair does get dry and stressed—and needs a bit of TLC. Since my hair is baby fine, I was ecstatic at the arrival of the newest hair products: Hair Serums! I love their silky feel and super light-weight formulas. They are moisturizing and smoothing while still adding a bit of control to your style. What is not to love?   I was planning to try “the perfect hair serum” that everyone is RAVING about… Style | Lab Satin Hair Serum by Living Proof, the company co-owned by the Jennifer Aniston. It is touted as “Safe,Sulfate-free, silicone-free” and featuring “ the patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA).” I thought, “Wow! I love safe products for me and my family! I will have to try this!” Of course, I no longer trust what I read in an advertisement when it comes to toxins and GMOs in our brand name products, no matter what celebrity may be endorsing it. (Sorry, Jen!)

Thank goodness I looked up the ingredient deck of Ms. Aniston’s Satin Hair Serum! Sure, it has many safe ingredients… there are 22+ ingredients total… and some are cleverly listed as a combo-formula in one ingredient—technically there are 25. However, as a product labeled as SAFE, I was sad to see that it actually contains 7 ingredients that are known to be toxic. According to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep site ( ) the place to look for personal product ingredient safety):

  • 6 listed as Allergy & Immunotoxicity risk (adverse effects on the immune system)
  • 1 listed as a Developmental/Reproductive Toxicity risk
  • 1 ingredient is also listed as a KNOWN carcinogen (cancer causing substance)
  • 1 is also listed for “contamination concerns” (difficult to guarantee its purity)


The kicker? The cost of adding extra poisons to your system: $29 for 1.5 oz. when you buy Style | Lab Satin Hair Serum. No thank you! I am sincerely hurt that yet another product full of toxins is allowed on the store shelves in the US but banned in the European Union. Why don’t we CARE??? I am sure someday we will come to truly regret the fact that we allow such things, but I will leave that discussion alone for now.

Since I had no plans of giving up on the search for glorious hair, I tried a few products out there that were actually ALL safe. I got them from the health food store. I was underwhelmed, to say the least. They were certainly safe. I looked up every ingredient. The problem: they either smelled heavily like a spring meadow or a fruit salad. Neither is an ok scent for me or my hair. Also, they felt sticky or slimy in my hair and were heavier than what I was looking for. The price was pretty steep too… $18 -25 They ALMOST made the $30 toxin-loaded hair serum seem like a better option. Almost.

Finally,I decided to give Modere’s Antioxidant Hair Serum a try. I am a Social Marketer for the company, so I thought I really should try EVERYTHING we offer, at some point. I had heard very positive reviews on the serum, but after all my other research, I wanted to remain skeptical. First, I looked up the full ingredient deck of Antioxidant Hair Serum. There are 7 ingredients total… 5 of which are nourishing oils and the other two hold the oils together. I wanted to verify the product’s safety claims. It passed with flying colors. No toxins or GMOs, as promised. I honestly had not looked up EVERY product from Modere to verify safety on Environmental Working Group ( ), so I was happy to see that. Next, I liked the silky feel and the really pleasant, clean, light scent of the serum… and even that scent is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Nice!

Finally, I tried the hair serum. Since he package indicates that it can be used on both wet and dry hair, I tried it both ways at various times. I really enjoyed the touch of hold that it gives while smoothing the frizzies and greatly increasing the shine. Also was amazed that my hair felt satin-smooth ALL DAY. Interestingly, it is not just a styling product. As I continued to use the product daily, I notice that my hair’s overall condition as improved, as well. Virtually no split ends. I also noticed shine that lasts for days in between washing and more vibrant looking hair color – all for $21.00 for the same 1.5 oz.

In the pursuit of gorgeous hair, I learned that neither old brands I have trusted for years, nor new ones endorsed by celebrities known for their “natural good looks” can be automatically trusted. The same goes for skin care, personal care, and household products. We need to be responsible enough to research the information rather than blindly trust what we are told by brands and their advertisers. Now that is there to help, we have most of the work done for us. Find a brand that is transparent with their ingredient deck, try the products to see if you like them, and then make the switch when you find one that works for you. I rep just such a brand, and it may be a good fit for you. Or it may not. You don’t know until you try them. The key is to start reading the labels and looking up either the product name or its ingredients to know the truth. Ignoring the problem of toxins and GMOs in the things we use every day (and give to our families) will not make the problem go away.

Please check out my Facebook page, for regular product safety updates from Environmental Working Group and for information about detoxing the body and the mind. You’ll also find positive and encouraging messages, educational materials, links to resources, and information about the non-toxic, non-GMO, cruelty-free product line I represent.

“Prevention is better than cure.” – Desiderius Erasmus

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

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